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Browse political party funding disclosures

Political party funding disclosures are saved in the NAOF's political party funding register. You can view the disclosures by year.

The information you can view is described below in greater detail.

  • Up-to-date disclosures: An up-to date disclosure is required if the value of an individual contribution or several contributions received from the same donor is at least EUR 1,500 during a calendar year. Up-to-date disclosures must be submitted by political parties, party associations, and affiliated entities.
  • Advance disclosures: An advance disclosure contains the organisation's plan for election campaign expenses and funding. The disclosure is voluntary.
  • Financial statements annually and election campaign costs and funding for election years: Political parties, the associations referred to in the party subsidy decisions and affiliated entities must submit their financial statements. Information on election costs and funding must be submitted in connection with the financial statements covering the time of the elections.

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Published: 12.8.2010  Updated: 4.2.2021